Visit to Christ the King REC in Dayton

Tomorrow, Sora and I will, Lord willing, travel to visit the saints at Dayton’s Christ the King REC parish, where Fr. Wayne McNamara has graciously allowed us to present our vision for our mission to the Philippines during his parish’s church school hour.

Please pray…

1. That we will be able to communicate clearly and winsomely why we believe God is calling us to this mission. This is a little more urgent because Sora, who had planned to do a bit more work on her half of the presentation, has been tied up with the busiest week of births she has ever had since she became a midwife. (I have barely seen her this week, that’s how busy she’s been.)

2. That the Lord will reveal whom He is calling to join us in this ministry as senders. We trust that as He has put His calling on us to do this work, so He will raise up senders to partner with us in doing it.

3. That we will find someone willing to be our “point person” to keep our communication flowing with CTK’s parish while we’re on the mission field. This is crucial, because a proper relationship between missionaries and their senders is a blessing to both parties, and the main way those blessings will flow to our senders is through good communication. We need someone who will be willing to relay our news from the mission field, to keep a bulletin board or forward relevant email news to the parish, and to give our prayer requests to the parish so that they can lift us up before the Lord.

In the meantime, at least some of our children will be enjoying the mid-Lent pancake breakfast here in Mason at our own Trinity REC!

A trinitarian pancake.


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