“You Lacked Opportunity”

Yesterday we spoke to a club for little girls, with a few of their mothers in attendance. Sora talked about what she’ll be doing at the birth clinic, and I spoke a little bit about the Biblical theology of missions. There were some good questions afterwards.

Deputation is a tremendously challenging and edifying experience. We have had several families over to our house so that we could share our vision with them over food. These have been the most rewarding occasions, as it is always interesting to see what aspect of the mission God most puts on the heart of those we’re speaking to.

We end up having a great time and connecting with the families over sometimes surprising things. Sora had a terrific afternoon talking with a veterinarian about blood, mess, and animals giving birth. More recently, another sender became obviously excited about the potential for missionary midwifery to help stem the tide of the world’s orphan crisis by saving the lives of mothers.

Talking to larger groups is more difficult. We learned some hard lessons yesterday. Because of a heavy workload, I wasn’t very prepared, and it showed in the talk. We also didn’t arrive early, and had to spend an embarrassing amount of time setting up a projector and screen. And to crown all, when someone asked if we had anything printed that people could take home – we didn’t. So it was a learning experience, and we’ll do better next time.

There’s a real sense that preparedness in a talk to potential supporters is a matter of faithfulness to God, and unpreparedness is something to be repented of. On the other hand, we always remember that God doesn’t need our slickness and fancy computer slideshows to raise up supporters.

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