Ministry opportunity for Matt in the Philippines

After a Skype interview with principal Mike Hause, I’ve been invited to join the faculty of Faith Academy, Mindanao, starting in the spring of 2013, Lord willing (and if we have raised funds to go by our expected departure date this November). Faith Academy is an evangelical K-12 school serving primarily the children of English-speaking missionaries laboring in the Philippines and other places in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. All the faculty at the school are donor-supported missionaries, in order to keep the tuition affordable for missionary families.

I’m very excited about this for three reaons:

1. The tentative plan at this point is that I will be teaching the two subjects I love most, Antiquity and Bible. My students from past years can testify that these subjects are the ones for which I have the deepest love, and for which I bring the greatest enthusiasm to the classroom. I believe I have been really gifted in these two areas, primarily by my parents, who raised me to love the Bible and to love the Greek and Latin classics.

2. Second, just as Sora will be helping to train other missionary midwives, so my work will not only be a means for me to serve, but will also help enable other missionaries to serve too. We want to leverage our talents for the Kingdom. By teaching missionary kids, I can bless their parents and help equip their children for ministry. Supporters will thus be able to know that the talents they invest by supporting us will not be buried in a handkerchief, but will be multiplied into blessings for many other missionaries besides the Colvin family.

3. Because of this development, both Sora and I will have defined ministry opportunities ready for us upon arrival. And both hers and mine appear to be perfect fits for our experiences and skill sets. This gives us a hope that we will be able to serve actively from the get-go, even before study and work enable us to overcome language and culture barriers.

The fact that both Sora and I now have well-defined, well-suited ministry plans is another strong indication that our missionary calling is of God. We’re just following where He leads. He is far wiser than we, and His plans are marvelous in the way they fit together perfectly.

2 comments on “Ministry opportunity for Matt in the Philippines

  1. Bill says:

    Thanks for the update.

  2. Liz Ahlquist says:

    Sora, I went to college with a girl who has been teaching at Faith Academy for several years now….she met her husband there and they have kiddos now too. Her name is Rachel Stevenson 🙂 Glad to hear God has opened this opportunity for you guys!

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