the vision

One of the things that impressed me most about Newlife School when I first visited three years ago as an intern is their vision of integrating midwifery and missions by equipping new midwives for the mission field. In addition to running a maternity clinic that blesses the urban poor in Davao city, the directors are also training missionaries who will go out and save lives in many other parts of the world. The blogs below are just a few of the young women I met during my two visits to Davao who are living that vision and carrying it forward:

Stephanie (class of 2009)showed me around the clinic and the city when I arrived in Davao in 2009. For the last two years she has served as a midwife at a clinic in South Sudan hours from the nearest hospital. She has faced situations I can barely imagine. She has sometimes felt the heartbreak and frustration of not having the means to save a life. And there are also many babies and mothers alive today because of her skillful care.

I also got to know Julie (class of 2010) during both of my trips to Davao. She is currently raising support to return to Zambia to train rural health workers.

Kayla (class of 2011) will be headed for Sierra Leone this summer, along with Jenna (another 2011 Newlife graduate who unfortunately does not have a blog for me to link to.) During my second visit to Davao, one of Kayla’s patients was staying at the clinic with her premature baby. I’m so glad Kayla has shared this story on her blog as it so touched my heart at the time.

When I return to Davao, I’m looking forward to meeting Newlife’s classes of 2013 and 2014. I can’t wait to see where they will be and what they will be doing a few years from now!


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