Selling the House

Sora remarked to me at the beginning of last month that we would look back on the next four weeks and wonder how we got it all done. God made it happen. And He gave us enough time and enough help from friends that we were able to do the deputation visits we had on the calendar, clean the house up for sale (repainting most of the interior and a lot of the exterior), and make our trip to Ambridge, Buffalo, and Ithaca. But He did not give us extra time. We literally finished mopping the hardwood floors, and hit the road. Not one extra hour!

We are going to miss this house, but we remember our Lord’s teaching about not looking back when you’ve put your hand to the plow. It’s 104 years old, with lots of woodwork and stained glass. God provided it for us by a special providence: it has more space than the other houses in our price range, but was listed as a two-bedroom house. Sora only found it because our friend Bette Brinkerhoff suggested that we look at it. When we bought it, we thought we were going to stay in it for decades. We planted fruit trees and built raised garden beds. We totally redid the bathroom and kitchen, and we put tens of thousands of dollars into improvements. In the event, we’ll be happy to sell it for what we paid for it, and we have a good hope of doing so. Pray that it sells.







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