Visit to Christ Our Hope Anglican Church

Our own Trinity Church (REC) in Mason, OH, is one of three REC parishes in the Cincinnati/Dayton area. The other two are Christ the King Anglican Church (which we visited in March) and its daughter-church Christ Our Hope, which we visited this past Sunday. The three parishes have a pulpit exchange program, so we have received teaching from Fr. Wayne McNamara and Fr. Chris Herman in Mason on many occasions.

The congregation at Christ Our Hope came to Sunday school before the service, during which time we presented our mission and answered some questions. It is always easier and more enjoyable to speak to smiling and interested parishioners, and we felt that this presentation went about as well as it possibly could have. (We get a little better at presenting every time we do it, and we get a little more savvy at avoiding technology bloopers.)

We happened to have come on the last Sunday of Fr. Greg Mashburn’s tenure as rector of the parish, and were touched to see the leave-taking of the parish and their pastor as Fr. Mathis prayed for him. We very much enjoyed Fr. Greg’s sermon; he is an outstanding speaker, and knows how to exhort God’s people.

Fr. Greg Mashburn OFM and Matt at Christ Our Hope Anglican Church, in front of a carved wooden replica of the San Damiano crucifix.

We were also welcomed very warmly by Fr. Chris Herman, who took us out to lunch later. His ministry to the elderly, his generous spirit and way with children show forth the mercy and love of Christ. Fr. Chris and Christ Our Hope’s interim rector Fr. Harry Mathis were two of the three examining chaplains for my diaconal examination (the other was Fr. Wayne).

Fr. Chris Herman with Matt

Many thanks to our brothers and sisters at Chris Our Hope for receiving us with love and hearing our message with interest. We look forward to many years of fruitful relations with your parish.


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