Visit to Bishop Cummins REC

I spent the first half of last week doing my first solo deputation visit. Bishop Cummins REC in Ellicott City, MD (suburbs of Baltimore) invited me to speak at their missions conference. Many thanks to the Albright family for hosting me during my stay, and to Pastor Crum and his wife Jill, who served me a delicious supper on the Lord’s Day after the service. Pastor Crum is a military man, and had been to the Philippines several times during his years of service, including on an aircraft carrier.

Sora likes to be in charge of things, so it was a bit of a challenge for her to trust me to do the whole visit on my own, 500 miles away. In the event, it went very well.

This marked the first time we used our retractable banner display. Many thanks to our team member and supporter Keith for drawing it up for us:


Technology is always fraught with peril – many is the missionary on deputation who has hoped to show a sideshow from his computer, only to have some crucial component break down. But this time, things went swimmingly, thanks in part to Walter Seymour, who helped me get the projector screen set up, and provided an extension cord.


I installed Keynote on my iPad, and found it absolutely terrific for giving a presentation. This will eliminate the need to bring a computer to any future church visits: the iPad will fit in the projector bag. Now I need to start packing my own extension cord!

The congregation at Bishop Cummins is very missions-minded, and it showed in the excellent questions they asked after my presentation.

Pastor Crum has invited me to return later this year with Sora. I hope that will come to pass!


One comment on “Visit to Bishop Cummins REC

  1. Bill Jerdan says:

    Bishop Cummins REC is a great congregation. Our family enjoyed and benefited from our one furlough year living on Monmouth St, across the road from the church building, and participating in the life of this Church. They have been among our most faithful supporters in prayer, finances and so many other ways. I’m glad you visited them and shared your vision for mission service to both mind and body. A great place for your first “solo”, but I hope that Sora and the family get there too.
    Bill Jerdan (writing from Bangkok, Thailand July 16th)

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