Interview with Naomi

Naomi is eight years old and just finished second grade.

What are some of your favorite things?
I love to read. I like reading stories to Isaiah and Hosanna. I like cooking, especially making cookies. I like to play tennis. I like making things out of clay. Snuggling with my mom. Playing with my brothers and sister. Doing handstands in the swimming pool.

Do you know what you want to do when you grow up?
I want to live on a farm and have four children and live in Canada on Vancouver Island. Or maybe come back to Ohio, since I’ve lived most of my life in Ohio.

What did you think when your parents first started to talk about possibly becoming missionaries?
I thought it would be very exciting. I was a little bit happy and a little bit worried about missing my home and not being able to eat some of my favorite foods and just not knowing what to expect.

What are you looking forward to when you move to the Philippines?
The tropical weather, because I like wearing short sleeves. Using pesos instead of dollars because all I’ve ever used before is American money. Eating different kinds of fruit that I’ve never tasted before, and drinking coconut juice. I’m looking forward to going to the beach, learning to snorkel and seeing coral reefs. I want to see whale sharks.

Is there anything about moving that you’re worried or scared about?
I have a lot of friends here, and I’m going to miss them a lot. I’m worried that when I’m on the other side of the world from the rest of my family who aren’t going to the Philippines, I will feel very disconnected from them. I’m also uncomfortable about being somewhere that I’ll have to throw toilet paper in the garbage — I’m used to flushing it!

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5 comments on “Interview with Naomi

  1. G'pa Mickey says:

    I want to see whale sharks too! and snorkel and eat mangoes and drink coconut mile. And I hope you do someday settle on Vancouver Island- it is a lovely place to live and a much nicer climate than Ohio. 😉
    love nana

  2. G'pa Mickey says:

    I left that comment logged in as g’pa Mickey cause I couldn’t log in as nana- help me out with that please

  3. G'pa Mickey says:

    coconut MILK!

  4. nana says:

    let’s see if I can post as myself. I’m glad there is skype and blogs and email to keep connected. It is hard that you are going to be so far away, but you will make many new friends there too.

  5. sorac says:

    Coconut water (or buko juice) is not the same as coconut milk. It’s also not at all like the stale-tasting, packaged, pasteurized coconut water that has gotten so trendy in North America lately. Fresh out of young (green) coconuts, it is absolutely amazing.

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