BBC’s “Toughest Place to Be a Midwife”

I just watched this delightful episode of the BBC’s “Toughest Place to Be A…” series, in which an idealistic young British midwife is transported to a Liberian hospital for two weeks. She’s first depicted in the well-equipped NHS hospital where she works, overseeing a lovely waterbirth. She then shares with the camera her (somewhat naive) hopes of learning more about natural birth in Africa. I found a lot to relate to in the juxtaposition of midwifery in a privileged, first world setting compared to the harsh realities of health care in the developing world. This is a full hour video, but worth watching (especially if you are a midwife!) There are several scenes that I would not recommend for very young or very sensitive viewers.


One comment on “BBC’s “Toughest Place to Be a Midwife”

  1. Amanda says:

    Thanks for sharing this Sora. First world circumstances described as “privileged” is an understatement. This is heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time.

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