Here’s a picture of Sora Colvin collating papers


In the last 3 months, God has overwhelmed us with the generosity of friends old and new: 75% of the support we’ve raised so far has come from individuals and families, most of whom know us personally. (As a blogger, I am tickled pink by the blog readers who have pledged without even meeting us, but they are the exception.) While we will continue reaching out to individuals, we’re turning more attention and effort to churches. We’re sending information packets to rectors in our own denomination, as well as pastors of other churches that we think would be interested in partnering with us. (Let me know if you’d like me to send you one!)

In every case, the goal is the same: we are not mendicants looking for a handout, though of course, God wants us to be in a position of dependence in His church. Rather, we are seeking fruit that abounds to our senders’ account (Philippians 4:17). More specifically, when we visit a parish, we are helping pastors give their parishioners a way to become involved in foreign missions. That’s what we want: the participation of God’s people in the Church’s obedience to the Great Commission. I don’t want people to say to themselves, “I will give money to missionaries so that I won’t have to become one.” Rather, involvement in missions often results in further involvement. Many of the donors supporting our ministry have supported other missionaries before. And many of the missionaries currently on the field began by acting as senders for other missionaries first. Indeed, we’re in that category ourselves. (Aside to my wife: “Honey, is this paragraph too preachy?” “It’s OK, dear. You’re a minister of the Word. You’re allowed to be preachy.”)

I can’t wait to see what wonderful people God will call over the next several months. But the journey that will take us on trips to other parishes in other states begins at the dining room table, stuffing envelopes with our brochures, a budget, a map of the Philippines, and letters of recommendation from our rector and bishop. (Did I mention that our materials are beautiful? Thank you, awesome design maestro, Keith K.)

Yes, Hosanna needed to be on the lap while Daddy was addressing envelopes. She also helped Mom collate materials, and made sure that she didn’t put them in the wrong (!!!) order. She was also going to lick all 33 envelopes and seal them, but gave up after two. (We used a clean sponge instead.)


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