We’re official!

With Bill Jerdan at Matt’s ordination.

Dear Matt and Sora,

It is a privilege to welcome you as missionaries of the Board of Foreign Missions of the Reformed Episcopal Church.

I have enjoyed getting to know you and your parish this past year, and in following you as you completed the candidate and discernment process of the Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders (SAMS), a partner mission. Following SAMS’ acceptance, the Executive Committee of the REC Board of Foreign Missions unanimously recommended your endorsement to the full Board and to the Council of Bishops. The members of the Board and the Bishops have responded positively to this recommendation.

The REC Board of Foreign Missions endorses candidates who
• are active communicant members of this Church,
• endorsed by an REC Diocese,
• approved by the Council of Bishops Ordinaries and
• accepted to serve directly under the BFM or under a partner Anglican Jurisdiction or Mission.

As endorsed Missionaries, you are entitled to solicit support throughout the Reformed Episcopal Church in the USA and Canada. You will report on your mission activities and needs to the BFM and to your Diocese. Periodic BFM and Diocesan evaluations shall be conducted for continued endorsement and will be noted as part of the annual Diocesan and triennial BFM Reports.

All funds contributed to the BFM and designated for your support will be used for that purpose, with no administrative deduction.

I appreciate the unique skills and vision that you have as a couple: Sora’s midwifery training of health care providers will safeguard and save human lives among the most vulnerable in the majority world; Matt’s gift of teaching and explaining the Scriptures will continue to form minds among children, youth and adults.

Finally I note that you are the first new missionaries endorsed by the BFM in more than a decade. And you come from the REC’s newest Diocese. This is a step forward for us as well as for you. Let us pray for one another as we serve our Lord and Saviour together.

In Christ,

William S. Jerdan
Executive Secretary


One comment on “We’re official!

  1. Dss Teresa says:

    Such exciting news! God bless you all in this ministry.

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