Visit to Holy Trinity, Fairfax, VA

I had a delightful visit with Holy Trinity in Fairfax, where I got to meet Fr. Charlie Camlin, the man responsible for setting me my examination for the diaconate.

I was given directions to the house of Deacon Jonathan Kell, but when I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to be welcomed instead by Gret Glyer, a good friend of one of my best students from Mars Hill Academy, Ben Cox. Gret is an alumnus of Grove City College, and he told me that Ben had visited Holy Trinity just a few weeks ago, and had been there when Fr. Camlin announced that I would be coming. Small world.

It is always a delight to stay with members of the congregations I visit. They have all been wonderfully hospitable and kind to me. Deacon Kell was no exception.

Holy Trinity meets in a facility owned by a Christian school, and they do a marvelous job of setting up their makeshift sanctuary (tabernacle!) and tearing it down again every Sunday. I was impressed with this invention: movable communion rail and kneelers:


I was also impressed with the mission-mindedness of the congregation. Nearly everyone stayed to hear me speak after the service. It was a special pleasure to meet one couple, Josiah and Story Jones, who have similar vocations to mine and Sora’s: Mr. Jones is a Christian schoolteacher and deacon-postulant, and Mrs. Jones is a midwife.

After the service, I was treated to some delicious Cajun cooking by Mrs. Camlin and regaled with clergy shop-talk by Fr. Camlin and Dcn. Kell.

Thank you, Holy Trinity, for hosting me! I pray that your parish’s relationship with our family and our ministry to the Philippines may become a way for you to reap the blessings that come from involvement in foreign missions.

Below: Dcn. Kell, myself, and Fr. Camlin:



One comment on “Visit to Holy Trinity, Fairfax, VA

  1. Bill & Diane Jerdan says:

    Thanks Matt,

    I saw this post. I was wondering if anything materialized yet.

    Bp Grote’s secretary might send you a 2009 list for DOW. Greg Wright, the computer tech at RE Seminary said that he does not have the listing.


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