Supporters Encourage Us

After our visit to Covenant Chapel (REC), we received an email from some new supporters who wanted to encourage us. They gave us permission to share it with others.


Dear Matt and Sora,

We were privileged to hear your presentation at Covenant Chapel REC today. What a unique combination of special gifts for both of you. We have never heard about a midwife ministry before and are convinced after today that it is an unique way to reach the unsaved, especially the Moslem women who are receiving a woman led benefit that they require and cannot normally receive. Nothing can be more powerful to a woman than to have someone to guide them and protect them from the dangers of child birth. That is a witness that a hundred sermons could not reproduce. And to combine that with a teaching and preaching ministry with such unique credentials on the Pastoral level is an example of the amazing Grace of God. We praise God that both of you have the same calling for the fulfillment of the special and unique gifts that you have been given. It is our desire to commit $XXX a month for your ministry and hope that some day we might be in a place to commit more. Please let us know how to proceed in the monthly support.

Thank you for your commitment to your ministry. It cannot be an easy thing to walk away from the security and safety of America and Canada to minister to the [majority] world and we would like to be a part of it, however small.

God Bless You,

Ed & Cheryl K.
Pequannock, NJ


You are indeed a part of it, Ed, and not a small one. We will remember these words when trials come. That is something that the wiser and older missionaries have told us: “When you’re experiencing culture shock, or depression, or frustration on the field, you need to remember why you’re there, and that you have a real calling from God and His Church to be there.” It is incredibly helpful for that reminder to come from others. So we’re going to save this email and pull it out when the going gets rough.



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