Things We See On the Road

We calculated that we will have covered over 6,000 miles in October and November. That’s a lot of time in the car! We have gradually become better and better at traveling. Some improvements are delightful ways to make the time pass faster: Tolkien audiobooks by Rob Inglis, for instance. Others are ways of mitigating the necessary evils of the road: our hosts in MD gave us a large plastic container for kids to use when they feel…

I continue to spot exotic cars. The tally so far is three Ferraris (all the modern California model), three Bentleys, three Dodge Vipers, and just yesterday, a Jaguar E-type in the parking lot of a Chinese buffet:


The owner saw me taking a picture of his car, and offered to lift the lid for me:


We’ve also seen some amusing signs along the way. I found this one hilarious:


This one is highly unusual, but very considerate. I didn’t know those female icons could turn sideways, let alone be with child.


We hit the road again on Wednesday, flying out of Dayton to go to the REC DCS Synod in Florida. (Not sure how Florida is part of “the Central States,” but there it is.) More pictures coming.


One comment on “Things We See On the Road

  1. jen says:

    There was a candidate for school board in southern California named “Christian Guy”. The morning after the election, my mother-in-law and a few friends acquired all the yard signs and distributed them to various people.

    I’ve also seen pregnant women parking signs (they were a blessing when I was pregnant and then recovering from a c-section with a little one in the NICU) and the ones in Great Falls, MT were storks. 🙂

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