Adieu, Canada!

Having already bade farewell to the USA on the 14th of December, our family is now sitting near gate 71 in Vancouver International Airport, a little less than 2 hours from boarding our flight to the Philippines.

We owe big thanks to Sora’s parents, who put us up at their house for 16 days, and had their empty-nester tranquility subjected to the craziness of four kids and two adults. They cooked many delicious meals, and kept us entertained with cards and visits from the cousins. Thank you, Mickey and Robin!


We took a ferry from Victoria to Vancouver, and during the crossing, we managed to play a few more hands of bridge with Sora’s sister Tama, who appears to be strongly addicted to cards.

On arriving at YVR, we had Tama take an obligatory photo of us with all our luggage.


The luggage carts were free. So is the WiFi (otherwise I would not be blogging right now!). I remarked to Sora that I am very impressed with this airport. It is easily the nicest I’ve ever been in.

We checked twelve bags, including my tennis bag containing three racquets, a badminton set, and a ping pong paddle (yes, I love racquet sports), and Sora’s guitar case.

After checking bags, we stopped by an airport store to buy three neck pillows for the kids:


They posed with some polar bears:


And now they’re watching Studio Ghibli movies and eating tiny gouda cheeses and granola bars while we wait for our flight to start boarding:


Pray for a safe flight! I’ll blog again when and if I find another internet connection on the their end of our flight.

One comment on “Adieu, Canada!

  1. Cindy says:

    All the best in your next adventure. I too, love YVR! After spending time at Toronto, Moncton, and Las Vegas airports this past year, I agree it’s easily the best.

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