Our rental house

We’re not moved in yet because our foam mattresses haven’t arrived yet from the Mandaue Foam store (we custom-ordered an extra long one since mattresses here are not built for the comfort of six-foot-tall Kanos.) They should probably be ready today or tomorrow. We’ll move in then, and our bamboo bedframes may come in another three weeks.

We are very thankful to HB, another missionary and a friend of Sora’s from her previous visits to Davao City in 2009 and 2010. When SAMS gave us permission to buy plane tickets (i.e. confirmed that our fundraising was going well enough to send us), Sora got online and asked KM, the director of the clinic, to put out the word that we were looking for a house. KM, ever the realist, informed her, “Our families have been having a hard time finding a place. You should probably expect it to take a month or two after you get here.”

The very next day, she wrote again. “HB found you a place.”

Our townhouse is in a very quiet, gated cul-de-sac. It has three floors, with a large kitchen on the middle floor, three bedrooms and two “comfort rooms” (to use the Filipino euphemism) upstairs, a carport (for the vehicle we don’t have yet) and two more rooms downstairs, a two-level covered patio and a cute little backyard just waiting to be filled with tropical flowers. The location is fantastic: only a short walk to Victoria Plaza and Abreeza malls, and 5-10 minutes away from both the birth center and Faith Academy.

We had prepared ourselves to have to buy all our furniture and appliances when we arrived, a somewhat expensive proposition. Secondhand items are occasionally available (for instance, when other missionaries leave the country) but unlike the states, there are no yard sales and no craig’s list. For the first time in our married life, we have a house full of brand-new items.

My favorite is this round dining table, which the delivery guys assembled for us:


Our spacious kitchen with our shiny new microwave, refrigerator, and chest freezer (the freezer came with a free rice cooker!):


One of the two outdoor sinks (there’s one on each level of the patio) with our non-automatic washing machine:


The stove will also live outside on the patio, so as not to heat up the house:


Kids on the living room couch, watching a movie on the iPad while we waited for the delivery guys to return with our appliances (the truck couldn’t fit our whole order at the same time!)


Delivery guys and Matt assembling fans:


We’ll take some more photos later, when we move in.

One comment on “Our rental house

  1. David says:

    Thinking of you and your family. Sounds like a good house and location. Hope the move in goes smoothly and quickly for you. David.

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