We owe you all a lot of updates from the last few weeks that we’ve been without internet at home (it was just installed yesterday) and we will be posting them bit by bit over the next week or two. Sharing our mundane daily life in Davao is going to wait for another day, however, in order to put two urgent prayer requests before your eyes today.

First, there have been unusually heavy rains since we arrived. Normally it rains at night (almost every night) and is sunny in the daytime, but the last two days we have had non-stop rain. Starting last night there were flash floods in low-lying areas of the city near the Davao River and the rain is still coming down. Many have been evacuated and in some areas the water is up to the roofs of the one-story houses. According to the local news there are still some families trapped by the floodwaters and waiting to be rescued. Please pray for safety for the rescue workers and those living in the affected areas and for a respite from the rain!

Photo from TV patrol Southern Mindanao's facebook page.

Photo from TV patrol Southern Mindanao’s facebook page.

Second: The rains are also affecting the area further north of Davao City which was devastated by last month’s typhoon. We have many friends and co-workers who have been traveling regularly to the affected areas to do relief work. Because of the damaged roads, it takes many hours to get to the village where they are working even though it is not really that far away! One of our friends is there now with a team that went up a few days ago to rebuild a church and distribute supplies. Shortly before they were to start back to Davao they received word that there had just been a landslide nearby. They are now going to assess and try to offer assistance to those affected. Please pray for those who may have been injured or lost homes or loved ones as well as for the team (especially that they will be able to get back home safely — the heavy rain will not make it any easier!)

Update: the team returned safely. Thanks for your prayers! Please continue to pray this week for a respite from the heavy rains and for safety and protection for those in low-lying areas.

Our family has not been affected by the flooding as our home is on high ground. We first learned of the flooding on our way to church this morning — the bridge we crossed over the Davao River was full of people with umbrellas looking over the edge at the flooded houses on the riverbank. On the way home, our taxi had to turn around and take another route to avoid a very large deep puddle, but that’s nothing compared to the rest of the city!


Puddle deemed too deep for our taxi.

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