To market, to market…

Buying groceries is still a bit of an adventure. Many foods that used to be staples are not widely available or are imported and so very expensive (cheese, pickles, chocolate chips.) Only a few limited vegetable varieties are available. But the tropical fruit is abundant, delicious, and very affordable. The best place to buy produce is not the grocery store (which, unlike in North America, tend to be located inside the shopping malls) but the market, which sells not just fruits and vegetables, but all manner of other items as well: rice, fish, flowers (including incredibly ornate funeral arrangements), used clothing, brooms…


The market is huge, covering multiple city blocks.


Fruit vendor


The vegetable section.


Heaps of pineapples.

I visited 9 different vendors and bought fruits and vegetables for several days. For an extra 2 pesos, you can get your pineapple cut up:


Expert slicing and dicing.

Here’s what I came home with:



  • A bunch of bananas, 39 pesos
  • 4 papayas, 24 pesos
  • 2 large avocados, 14 pesos
  • 2 pineapple (in slices in the plastic bag), 24 pesos
  • 6 fuji apples, 60 pesos
  • 6 delicious mangoes and 5 mangosteens, 155 pesos
  • a kilo of kalamansi (small green citrus fruit in the pink bowl), 50 pesos
  • half a kilo of small purple onions, 30 pesos
  • a cabbage, 4 large carrots, 2 chayote, and half a kilo of green tomatoes (no red ones available), 92 pesos

Total cost: 488 pesos, or just a little over $12 USD.

4 comments on “To market, to market…

  1. Sora, I am loving hearing about your adventure through FB and this blog. We will continue to pray for you all as you adjust and find your bearings.

  2. G'pa Mickey says:

    “Many foods that used to be staples … pickles, chocolate chips…” …Oookay 😉

  3. Bill & Diane Jerdan says:

    Ahh, that fresh fruit looks good. You make me jealous.


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