Back in Ohio, Matt used to play tennis two or sometimes three times a week. When we left to drive across the continent and then fly to Davao, regular tennis was what he missed the most. It was a great physical outlet, good exercise, and it made him happy. So he was really hoping to find some “tennis buddies” here in Davao too. God does not overlook the little details: this week Matt met another tennis player of similar skill level who is interested in playing twice a week. He even knew about a covered court fairly near our house so they can still play in the evening when it rains (we get torrential downpours after dark almost nightly, and being near the equator, the sun sets shortly after 5:00 pm year round.)

Ezekiel, our 11-year-old, isn’t enough of a tennis player to give his dad a run for his money yet (we’ll see where he is in 4 or 5 years…) but basketball has been his game since he was about four. We were praying for an opportunity for him to play on a team here, and this week he started practice with Faith Academy’s junior high boys team. (He’s also now taking PE twice a week at Faith, as enrolling for at least one class was necessary in order for him to join the team.) Today I took ZZ out to buy him a new pair of basketball shoes.

These may seem like small details, but we weren’t sure either was going to happen and we are very thankful to have them fall into place so quickly! Both of these guys are much happier when they have a regular athletic outlet!

Below: Ezekiel playing last year for Mars Hill Academy.

zzbball1 zzbball5 zzbball10

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One comment on “Sports

  1. Bill & Diane Jerdan says:

    Great to hear about the details that are working out.


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