Larger than Life Character


Sorry we haven’t been blogging as much lately. Partly that’s due to the loss of Sora’s iPhone, which took most of our pictures before. (Taking photos with my iPad looks pretty silly, and our Nikon DSLR is so bulky you can’t really carry it around town.)

I couldn’t resist taking a photo today, however, even though I had to do it with the iPad. I was attending a meeting for the Bible teachers at Faith Academy, which was held in the classroom belonging to Mr. Steve St. Clair, above. “Mr. Saint”, as he is known on campus, is a living institution here at Faith. Our son Ezekiel was blessed to have him as a basketball coach during the last few months. He’s a big man, and an even bigger character.

The most remarkable thing about the meeting, however, was not what was said, or where it was held. It was the fact that behind me, coiled up and sleeping, lay a Burmese python.


This is Mr. Saint’s pet, named “Bubba”. He recalled one time when he was expecting a pair of parents for a P/T conference, and they opened the door just as Bubba was in the middle of stretching out to pass from one table to another. Their eyes got big, and they shut the door again without coming in. Apparently, they didn’t feel quite ready to deal with an 8 or 9 foot python. I know that doesn’t sound all that impressive, but snakes always look bigger when they catch you by surprise, and not not behind glass. Besides, this snake is still young. Mr. Saint tells me that it is descended from a grandmother that was 24 feet long.


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