Stik-O Gecko

Like every concrete structure in this city, our apartment
is a happy hunting ground for geckos. They crawl across the ceiling
and cling to the window screen of the kitchen while I’m washing
dishes. One hitched a ride home on my car’s windshield for the half
mile trip from the tennis courts. Geckos are harmless, unobtrusive,
and help keep the insect population down. Nonetheless, all
missionaries in Davao have gecko stories, from grisly (involving
toasters) to comic. Our kids have wanted to catch one, but the
little lizards are too fast. But this morning, I got lucky. One of
the kids had left an empty jar of Stik-O snacks open on the
counter. As I moved to pick up the jar and dispose of it, I noticed
a twitching movement at the bottom of it. So I clapped a lid on

20130422-170629.jpg After all the kids had seen the little fellow, we
released him onto the back porch.


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