At the Post Office

A recent episode of Anglican Unscripted reported on the New Wineskins conference. (I believe our beloved Canon Bill Jerdan and some folks from SAMS USA were there.) What struck the hosts Kevin and George most strongly at that conference was the way in which Internet technology is changing the way missionaries relate to their senders and churches. There is no more mailing of videotapes; no more wait of weeks to receive letters. Everything is instant. This benefits missionaries as well as churches.

We use Skype and Apple’s Facetime to keep in touch with our two oldest kids in Canada. I also have continued to teach the same Bible study that I have have taught for 9 years at our parish in Cincinnati. It is a study that for years has met over breakfast with sausage and bacon, so that I like to joke that it is “full of grease and truth”. I can’t be in the same room anymore, but I eat my liempo or lechon while my beloved friends eat their bacon, and we still have good discussions about the Scriptures. Two weeks ago, I was a virtual “greeter”, waving to our parish’s members from a computer screen set up in the narthex before the service.

Another monthly email newsletter is on the way out this week, to find its place on church bulletin boards. But we would love to Skype with any of our senders or churches who are interested. Drop us an email and let us know what time is good for you.

Technology is great, but we know how special it is when our friends write to us on paper, so we try to reciprocate. This week, Naomi wrote one letter (with extra artwork by Hosanna) and I wrote another. I sat down at a table with stationery and a fountain pen (of course!) and filled four pages. It was really quite soothing.

Then I took the two letters in their stripey international envelopes to the post office in Victoria Plaza, located near the comical fast food restaurant, Jollibee.

The clerk took them, squeezed the air out of the envelopes, and ran them through a machine that pressed them with red ink (not adhesive stamps). I slid my pesos under the glass, and took the letters to the mailbox up the steps.


Wendy and Susan, you may expect them soon!



2 comments on “At the Post Office

  1. Erin says:

    You’ll make Mom’s nontechnological heart glad. 🙂

    • David says:

      Yes, Wendy got that letter! It really was a thrill. Thanks. Wendy And Laura working on sending some back to Naomi and hosanna.

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