Babies, babies, babies!

Photo May 31, 2 47 37 PM

Pretty sure they don’t come much cuter than this!

Naomi has been with me on 6 shifts now and is making friends with all the other midwives. She had quite the streak of quiet shifts, but finally on her 5th shift she got to see a birth. It was a fairly complicated and difficult one but she took it in stride. She also delighted the Filipina midwives (who already think she’s pretty cute) by saying, as we were discussing things after the birth, “It’s important not to panic when there’s an emergency because you’ll just make things worse!” (One of the Filipina midwives now refers to her as “my wise friend Naomi” because of this remark.)

On Sunday evening Naomi got to see me “catch” a baby for a very sweet young couple.

Photo Jun 02, 8 38 59 PM

Happy first-time mama!

Naomi also got to help two of the other midwives with baby baths. She’s still a little bit nervous about handling newborns and doesn’t like it at all when they cry.

Photo May 31, 4 45 44 PM

Washing all the birth goop out of baby’s hair.

I started at the clinic at the beginning of February, taking the first month we were here to get settled in. In four months, I’ve already attended over 40 births — as many as I usually did in a year in Ohio!

Later this month or early next month, I will have my first “repeat” — the chance to deliver the younger brother or sister of a now four-year-old little girl named Tweety Jane who was born into my hands when I was here in 2009! Her mother remembered me and asked me to be her midwife again. Here we are at her prenatal check-up today.

Photo Jun 04, 9 53 44 AM

My first repeat patient in the Philippines.

I have the best job in the world.


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