Eden Nature Park

I’m on summer break from teaching at Faith, which gives us a little more flexibility for June and July. Two weeks ago, we decided to beat the heat by getting out of Davao and heading for the mountains, where the air is less humid and the temperature seemed downright cool. We went to Eden Nature Park and had a fun and relaxing time. Just what we needed to recharge our batteries and keep from getting too stressed out in the city.

The views are amazing, and there is vegetation everywhere:



It is a place of flowers…


Wooden saints:


“Indiana Jones” ziplines:


Horseback rides:


The obstacle course:


And the quondam “infinite” pool (the trees have since spoiled the illusion of connection with the horizon):


Here’s Isaiah with a statue of a carabao:


We enjoyed a tour of the park, conducted on a shuttle jeepney whose operator had evidently been a Davao City taxi driver in a previous career. We saw the hydroponic greenhouses where Eden grows lettuce and carrots, and the vast mangosteen groves. (Sadly, not in season.)

Two days of cool, fresh, mountain air is helpful for keeping missionaries looking this happy:



2 comments on “Eden Nature Park

  1. sge123 says:

    I know this was nearly a month ago, but I am so glad to hear that you all have a place like this near by to retreat to. I’m refreshed just looking at it all 🙂 Beautiful.

  2. […] just got back from the staff retreat for Faith Academy, for which we returned to Eden. (Yes, we managed to get past the angel with the flaming sword.) We had a very pleasant time and […]

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