One comment on “Colvins on Shriven Podcast

  1. I could not get the Shriven podcast but I did get a funny rum commercial and and entertaining fruit juice commercial on the Shriven link. 🙂 Glad to hear about what’s happening and language and church history classes and the children.
    Things here are busy as usual but I just started a leave of absence from the doctoral program for 60 days yesterday. I am tired but recovering from extreme busy-ness of the Spring & early summer with DA , doctoral program & real estate. Interest rates hit 5% Friday with the Fed’s finally pulling back on the “easing.” We will see how his affects the housing market. Hoon & James are doing some summer school with me-European History, English Lit., Logic, and Practical Econ. Kayla is recovering from a blood clot when they met me in Phoenix for a visit to the Grand Canyon, Navaho country and the Petrified Forest she got sick while there. We got back last Thursday. Andy & Lisa are in the midst of moving. The boys helped out some on Weds. We have had about 4 straight days of rain. I grilled in the garage on the Weber for the 4th. My sister’s family came over and ate with us. We have yet to catch a big fireworks show but lots of neighbors give nightly displays in the subdivision down below. What are you guys doing about SAMS renewals. Will they simply renew or do people need to do something?

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