Return to Eden, Quirino Ave

We just got back from the staff retreat for Faith Academy, for which we returned to Eden. (Yes, we managed to get past the angel with the flaming sword.) We had a very pleasant time and enjoyed spending time with friends. Here we are with Dan and Marlene B., whose daughter Samantha was among my students this past spring. They run a business manufacturing medical equipment bags, which enables them to minister as well. Dan will also be teaching carpentry at Faith.


The ice cream scoop is about to serve up Lemon Grass ice cream. It was very good. (Moringa flavor, by contrast, was a bit too vegetably for me.)

On the way home, I got a few more photos along Quirino Avenue that show a bit of the local color for our readers in the States.

This Jeepney has Spiderman and a very impressive dragon on the side:


I bet you didnt know that Ferrari made Tricycabs. This one presumably has a V-12, which might actually enable it to keep up with traffic:


Last, a shot of the onion dome atop a mosque off Quirino:



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