Busy times!

The beginning of August has been busy! We returned from the Faith Academy staff orientation on Friday afternoon. On Saturday, the Newlife class of 2013 graduated after two intense years of hard work and hundreds of births. I spent June and July teaching a review class for these students in preparation for their board exams and will be so proud of them when they are finished that last big exam!



The venue for the graduation was a place called Gap Farm Resort. Here are some of our kids under the giant caribao at the entrance:


That’s one BIG carabao!

Many of the graduates have already left Davao — I drove two of them to the airport this morning. They’ll be writing their board exams in the states in just a few weeks, then on to new adventures. And in just a few days, the class of 2015 will be arriving and there will be a whirlwind of activity welcoming the new students and getting them settled in.

Speaking of new students, school started today for our kids too:


Naomi and Hosanna on the Faith Academy campus

Hosanna is in kindergarten, Naomi is in fourth and Ezekiel in sixth grade. Isaiah (7) will be homeschooling again this year. Matt is teaching Bible and literature in the high school.

January was full of new beginnings for us this year with our arrival in Davao, but for a teacher’s family the year really begins in August!

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