It’s hard to take pictures with gloves on

I just got back from Sunday afternoon swing shift (2-10 pm.) It seems like when I’m working with Ate Suse (one of the senior Filipina supervisors) it’s always busy! The trouble is that on a busy shift, it’s very hard to remember to take photographs because your hands are generally occupied. So words will have to suffice instead of pictures.

We started out with a patient in labor for each of the five of us on shift (three endorsed from day shift, two who walked in just after the shift began.) Mine was a cute little first-time mama in very, very early labor… I sent her home with instructions on when to come back. Two patients were transported for complications. I helped with / supervised two other births, checked in another patient in labor, did a final postpartum checkup for my sweet continuity patient and gave her the pictures from her birth of the two of us with Hosanna and Naomi, sutured two tears, helped with another birth (the patient I had checked in an hour earlier – would have been my “catch” but I was busy suturing when she started pushing), went hunting for more clean linens on the clotheslines in the laundry area because we were completely out (laundry ladies don’t work on the weekends) and signed two birth certificates.

Just before the end of shift, we heard the kind of frantic honking from the street that usually means one of two things: baby out in taxi, or baby about to be out in taxi! Much to his parents’ chagrin (to say nothing of the poor taxi driver) this baby was just in too much of a hurry to make it to the birth center before his grand entrance. We brought them both inside and I took care of the somewhat shell-shocked mama and her chubby baby boy for about twenty minutes until night shift was ready to take over. There was a patient starting to push and another woman in labor walking in when I left… looks like night shift will be busy too!


Seven week old baby Prince – isn’t he darling?


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