We’ve been so busy that it’s hard to find time to blog. But our cell phones are always at the ready, so I’ll share some random photos from the past month:


Hosanna helping with snacks after worship at UCRC Davao.


A newspaper shows the mayor of Davao facepalming after the twin theatre bombings at the Gaisano and SM City malls. There were no serious injuries, and there were reports of men preventing theatregoers from sitting in rows too close to the bombs. Still, a bit of wakeup call and a salutary reminder to pray for peace and safety.


Inside the Enak shop where Matt buys liempo (pork bellies) and lechon manok (rotisserie chicken).


This wiseacre has a very Davao message on his bumper. “I’m not drunk, just avoiding potholes.”


A carabao seeks refuge from the heat in a small pond just off the driveway leading to SIL and Faith Academy Mindanao.


Naomi’s first piano lesson with Ms. Wendy in her oh-so-romantic teaching studio. (More on this later.)


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