Prayer Requests for Matt’s Opportunities

On Tuesday, I am meeting with some evangelical and Reformed pastors and elders here in Davao City to try to organize a Greek class. Those who know me are aware of what a special place Greek holds in my heart. So this class is a wonderful opportunity to share what I’ve been given. Please pray that God will guide our plans and discussion, and that we all might be a mutual blessing. I am thankful to my friend Pastor Vic Bernales for arranging the meeting and introducing me to Pastor Jurem of Soli Deo Gloria, whose church will host the class. I hope that cultivating friendships with other pastors and elders in evangelical churches here, I will find more doors opened for ministry.

Second, I will soon — probably this coming week, but the date is not confirmed yet — be orally examined for presbyteral orders in the Reformed Episcopal Church. I don’t ask you to keep vigil for me, but if you’re awake at that time, I’d appreciate your prayers.


2 comments on “Prayer Requests for Matt’s Opportunities

  1. Thank you for your blog posting that have read through SAMS. I am an Anglican Missionary Bishop in Peru. Even though we too are missionaries on the front lines, I very much appreciated the ‘wake up call’ of your words. Bless you brother!
    +Mike and Linda Chapman

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