Bible Jeopardy 3

Here’s a third Bible trivia game, with 11 categories. It’s aimed at kids under 13.



1. These twins were born with one holding onto the other one’s heel.

2. He was born when his father was 100 and his mother was around 90.

3. He was “born a Roman citizen”, in contrast to the Tribune talking to him in Acts 22.

4. Jesus tells this man that “unless a man is born again, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.”

5. This book of the Bible contains the words, “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given. And the government shall be upon His shoulders.”



Meanings of Names

1. His name means “laughter”, and his mother laughed when the angel of the Lord predicted that she would give birth to him.

2. His name means “father of many nations”.

3. Her name means “princess”.

4. His name means “heard by God”, since his mother’s request was heard by the Lord even though she only moved her lips and made no sound.

5. His mother named him “Ben-Oni”, “son of my sorrow” because she died giving birth to him, but his father named this youngest of his 12 sons, “Son of the right hand”.




1. Jesus fed the 5000 with this many loaves of bread.

2. We’re not told if it was salsa or guacamole or queso, but this is what Judas did in the dish with Jesus.

3. After his resurrection, Jesus ate these on the shore with his disciples.

4. After the battle of the 5 kings, Melchizedek brought out this food and this drink to share with Abraham.

5. Ezekiel eats this, and it is sweet as honey in his mouth.




1. These two cities were originally located at what is now the Dead Sea.

2. This is the city where Mary and Joseph went after returning from Egypt. It was Jesus’ hometown, though not the city of His birth.

3. This city had over 120,000 people who could not tell their right hand from their left – “and many cattle”.

4. This city was originally occupied by the Jebusites, but King David drove them out, for which reason part of the city was called by his name.

5. This city was an island off the coast of Phoenicia, which Isaiah 23 and Ezekiel 26 prophesy against.




1. This was a Canaanite god of wealth or money, often called “filthy” in English. Jesus says you cannot serve both God and this idol.

2. This Canaanite fertility goddess was worshipped at poles or trees. King Josiah destroyed them in an effort to stamp out the worship of this idol.

3. Pharaoh was considered a manifestation of this falcon-headed Egyptian sun-god.

4. This fish-god of the Philistines was found with its head and hands broken off after the ark of the Covenant was stored in its temple. Samson also knocked down this god’s temple.

5. The citizens of Lystra thought that Paul and Barnabas were actually these two Greek gods, and they tried to worship them.




1. This man asked king Saul, “Against whom has the king of Israel come out? Against a dead dog?”

2. The dogs licked up the blood of this wicked woman at Jezreel after her eunuchs threw her down from a tower at the command of Jehu.

3. Proverbs 26 says that fools return to their folly just as a dog returns to this.

4. The Syro-Phoenician woman told Jesus that even the dogs eat these.

5. In Judges 7, this leader chose only to take from his army the 300 men who lapped up water like dogs.



Grapes and Vines

1. He planted a vineyard, got drunk, and embarrassed himself right after the flood.

2. Jesus says that he is the vine, and we are the ______________.

3. King Ahab coveted the vineyard belonging to this man, whom his wife Jezebel later murdered.

4. Chapter 5 of this prophet’s book is the song of the vineyard, in which YHWH demands to know what more he could have done for Israel, that they have not born fruit.

5. This was the reply of the first son in Matthew 21:28, when his father asked him to go work in his vineyard.

This was the wages of all the workers in the vineyard in Matthew 20, whether they were hired early in the day, or late.




1. This man’s garment was made of camel’s hair.

2. This man was covered in reddish hair, so that his brother had to use goats’ fur to disguise himself.

3. Samson was forbidden from cutting his hair because he was under this sort of vow.

4. This son of David used to weigh his hair when he got it cut, and it weighed 200 shekels – too bad it was so long that it got caught in an oak tree.

5. “Thy hair is as a flock of goats that appear from Gilead” says the lover to his beloved in this book.




1. These are the three offices that were anointed in ancient Israel, and which Jesus holds, so that He is called “Christ.”

2. This man anointed David at Bethlehem.

3. The sinful woman at Bethany in the house of Simon the Leper anointed Jesus with this substance.

4. Jesus tells his disciples to wash their faces and anoint their heads with oil when they are doing this.

5. This Psalm says that God “anointeth my head with oil; my cup runneth over.”




1. These two Galilean fishermen were the first two apostles called by Jesus.

2. This man was at his tax collector’s booth when Jesus told him to “follow me.”

3. These 3 disciples were present when Jesus was on the mount of Transfiguration.

4. This apostle used to steal from the money purse.

5. Jesus told this disciple to take his mother Mary for his own, and take care of her.



Kings of Israel and Judah

1. This king was the son of Kish, and a head taller than every other man in Israel.

2. This king told the elders of Judah that his little finger would be thicker than his father’s waist, and that he would be harsher than Solomon his father.

3. Isaiah told this king to put his house in order, because he was about to die; but he prayed to the Lord and lived another 15 years.

4. This king of Judah discovered the Book of the Law in the temple and led the nation in repentance, celebrating the passover.

5. This was the last king of Judah, who was executed by the Babylonians.




Births: Jacob & Esau, Isaac, Paul, Nicodemus, Isaiah

Meanings of Names: Isaac, Abraham, Sarah, Samuel, Benjamin

Food: 5 loaves, dip, fish, bread and wine, a scroll

Cities: Sodom & Gomorrah, Nazareth, Nineveh, Jerusalem, Tyre

Idols: Mammon, Asherah, Ra, Dagon, Zeus & Hermes

Dogs: David, Jezebel, vomit, crumbs from master’s table, Gideon

Grapes and Vines: Noah, Naboth, Isaiah, “I will not”, a denarius

Hair: John the Baptist, Esau, Nazirite, Absalom, Song of Songs (of Solomon)

Anointing: Prophet, Priest, King; Samuel; Spikenard or myrrh; fasting; Psalm 23

Apostles: Peter and Andrew, Matthew, Peter James John, Judas, John.

Kings of Israel and Judah: Saul, Rehoboam, Hezekiah, Josiah, Zedekiah


4 comments on “Bible Jeopardy 3

  1. Good quiz! Full marks here.

    You seem to have conflated the stories of Noah and Lot in ‘grapes and vines’ question 1, though.

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