Meet the Greek Students

Everyone was present for Greek last week, and we had two new students. These men are leaders in three of the more evangelical churches here in Davao City (most of them from Continental Reformed and Calvinistic Baptist denominations).

Please pray for our studies, and for all the students. It is hard work, especially because we are not using a watered down textbook or taking shortcuts. As far as in me lies, I want these men to be ready and able to read the GNT for themselves at the end of this year.


A little more about the students:

At either end are Yuri B. and his father Pr. Vic, who has been a great help to me in arranging opportunities for me to teach Latin, Greek, and theology here in Davao. I have tremendous respect for his preaching and teaching. He’s a graduate of Mid-America Reformed Seminary in Dyer, Indiana, and the pastor of United Covenant Reformed Church in the Ecoland neighborhood of town.

Next to Yuri is Carl A., who has recently been involved in relief efforts and church rebuilding in Tacloban. He is also a keen student of the Scriptures, and I have been delighted to have him in all the theology and church history classes I taught last year.

The next two men from left are Mario A and his friend Wayne. Mario is from Immanuel Baptist Church near Torres Street, where he is involved in Christian education.

In front of me is Ojie B., who is an elder at UCRC, which he also pastored while Vic was attending seminary in the States. Ojie graduated last year with an MDiv from Koinonia Theological Seminary here in Davao.

Pastor Jurem Ramos, in the center with the heavenly light coming from behind him, is the head pastor of Soli Deo Gloria church, which kindly hosts the Greek class and provides me with a whiteboard with which to teach. SDG has a school, and Pr. Ramos can be heard preaching and teaching on the radio as well. (Our Cebuano teacher, who listens to his show, says that he is “really maayo kaayo”, and that he always gives her much to think about.)

The next two men are also from SDG. Allan W. is an elder at SDG, and Gener L. works at the SDG school.

Not pictured is Pr. Ramos’ son Abraham, who teaches at the school and recently graduated from college with a degree in a Biblical studies. He was operating the camera for this photo.

One of the really neat things about this class is that everyone is multilingual already, which gives them a major advantage in assimilating another language. The two pastors’ sons especially are among the brightest language students I have ever taught.


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