Indian Food

Sora and I have found a favorite restaurant: “Singh is King”, located near the Medical School Foundation Hospital, conveniently on the way to Faith Academy from our house. The food is very good, if a bit spicy for my palate. The proprietors are from India, so they’re keeping it authentic.

It’s not a fancy building, without even a front wall, just an open air roof, with the usual plastic chairs:


Note the motorcycles parked out front. Singh is King also delivers if you order more than P200 of food (=$5), though we haven’t tried that. Portions are quite generous, and you can get a good lunch for two people for that price or less.

Inside, a flat-screen TV shows Indian soap operas. These are hilarious. Although we Americans can understand none of the words, the shots of the characters’ faces convey all we need to know about the plot:


We always end up draining the provided pitcher of water (orange lid, above) in a futile effort to quell the fire of the spices. I love eating spicy food, but I’m not good at it.