Sora in the Classroom

I should probably let Sora blog about this, but I can’t resist doing it myself. The last three weeks, in addition to some birthroom shifts and outreach to Isla Verde, she has taught a class on breastfeeding for the student midwives at the clinic. It’s a pretty thorough class from what I can tell: I’ve been next to her in the evenings while she puts all sorts of information about chemistry, physiology, and medical research on a Keynote slideshow for each class — or rather, while she begins to do so, for I usually fall asleep by midnight while she continues to burn the candle at both ends until the wee hours of the morning, trying to get her slides perfect, making herself more jet-lagged than I was even after actually flying on jets across the Pacific and back.

Today I met the other “midhusbands” for coffee. We talked about the idea of Christian vocation. I mentioned that for me, a major reason to become a missionary was to be a good steward of the talents and gifts of my wife. It has been fun to watch her dive into this new teaching opportunity. And while I admit to teasing her as she discovers some of the pitfalls of the classroom that I have figured out over the last decade (students’ oral reports taking twice as long as you think they will; how hard to make the exam, etc.), she appears to be quite good at it. The exam was today, and now she has to deal with my bête noir: grading.

When we were in Ohio, Sora taught a single apprentice (midwives are sort of like Sith Lords that way). That’s about all you can do while running a homebirth practice in North America. But because we are here, she had 24 Christian student midwives learning from her.