Our kids (who’s who)

Long awaited update! Here are some more recent pictures of the kids.


Ezekiel, age 14.



Naomi, age 12.




Isaiah, age 10.



Hosanna, age 8.

Our kids three years ago:

Ezekiel, age 11.

Read an interview with Ezekiel.


Naomi, age 9.

Read an interview with Naomi.


Isaiah, age 7.

Read an interview with Isaiah.


Hosanna, age 5.

Read an interview with Hosanna.

5 comments on “Our kids (who’s who)

  1. RJ says:

    Isaiah and Hosanna look very much as I remember Sora when we first met. Are Talia and Aeden old enough to veto pics of them online? Would love to see them too!

  2. sorac says:

    That’s funny, I always think of Isaiah and Naomi as being the “two who look like me” and Ezekiel and Hosanna as looking more like Matt. I guess Naomi’s picture isn’t enough of a close-up of her face to bring out the resemblance, and Hosanna’s really a mix of both of us. 🙂 I can email you some pictures of the older two. They are ridiculously grown-up, and Talia’s usually behind the camera.

  3. jen says:

    What are Talia and Aedan up to in the midst of all of this?

    • sorac says:

      Talia graduated this spring and is taking a gap year before university. Aedan’s midway through high school, and preferred to stay in North America and with his sister rather than come have adventures with us. They moved in with their biological dad and their step-mom in Canada over the summer.

  4. Praying for you all. Can you post some updated photos of your kids? Thanks!

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