4 comments on “Prayer

  1. Amy West says:

    Prayers for you all!
    Hope you don’t mind that I found you here. We have been thinking of you all a lot lately so I tried Google and here you are.

    • mattcolvin says:

      Our across-the-street neighbor, Amy? Thanks for looking us up! How’s our house doing (other than being too blue for its own good)?

  2. Amy West says:

    Yes, your old neighbor, Amy.
    The boys sure miss playing with Naomi and Hosanna!
    Is there anything they miss that we could send?

    The house seems fine. The new neighbors seem to keep everything nice on the outside.
    I saw them tending the gardens the other day. Looks like lots of things grew back.

    I hope you don’t mind that I found you. I am amazed at the stories of life in the Philippines and saddened by how poor they are. God bless you in the mission field!

    I look forward to more entries!

    • mattcolvin says:

      Seriously, thanks for finding our blog! That’s what we write it for: to keep in touch with friends. I feel quite embarrassed that we didn’t share with you more of what we were doing to do before we left.

      Naomi says hello. She says she misses many things — including our old house and playing with Jeremy and Nathan — but sadly, “nothing that can be sent.” (She is pretty good about writing to a few pen pals in Cincinnati, so if Jeremy is so inclined, he may expect a reply.) I’ll send you an email with our postal address. A family photo would be a great thing for us to have from you.

      If you’d like to subscribe to our newsletter and read old issues of it, the links are at the top of the sidebar.

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