Photos from the commute

Getting to school is sometimes a challenge. We live behind a schoolhouse (not the school our kids attend), and at 7:30 in the morning, everyone is trying to enter the alleyway. 20131014-162751.jpg

(Someone had to back up here.)

This particular morning, I was not driving, so the clogged alleyway was none of my concern. I blithely snapped a photo of the traffic jam and walked out to flag a taxi down. While heading up the street, this is what I saw:


(Yes, that particular jeepney passenger continued to ride standing on the back of the vehicle the entire way up the street. And yes, that white car is making a U-turn which would be quite illegal in the United States. It is not illegal here.)

After an swift and hair-raising journey, the taxi turned into the rear entrance of SIL and Faith Academy. This took it past the watering hole and grazing field of a family of carabao:



There were three in the hole this morning, looking more like three gray rhinos, all covered in mud.. (Don’t miss Junior there in between mom and dad. He is looking much bigger than he was last semester.) As always, there was no fence, just a couple of sleeping cowherds on the wall nearby, who I hope would have bestirred themselves if one of the carabaos tried to lift up its horn against a passing car.

Later that afternoon, I took our car to get washed. This really ought to be done once a week here, or more often, with all the dust in the city. But we are so busy, but we rarely get around to it that often; as a result, our car is usually filthy. The average car wash is also an astonishingly long process, taking half an hour or more (but it costs only P80 = $2). I usually leave the car, and ride a tricycle to the mall to get some groceries or do other shopping while the car washers finish.

This time, I took a pedicab. It is quieter than a standard, motorcycle based tricycab, and almost just as fast if you have an athletic driver. Here’s the view from the front seat.